Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mini Update!!

: Who said sexy or formal was all about solid colours? This outfit is a one-for-all, from clubbing, dinner, social events and more! The sequins just add on to its glamor!
*you can click on pictures to enlarge.

Size: S and M. Bust from A - C.

Material: material is stretchy, and from the back u can see the stretchy band. You can make use of it to hide your bra, or feel sexy wearing only a free bra and going sexy back!

Length: For petites, above the knee. (Model is 5' 4)

Happy Shopping!


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Goodies!

This post will be short and sweet, but don't forget that updates will be up every week, so don't miss out!

But before that, a quick thank you to Shopaholics Den!



Kimono Lady

Description: Simple can never go wrong! Bringing you back to basics with the kimono dresses. The kimono rage started a couple of months back, and still high in demand! There are so many ways to wear them; high-waist belts, long necklaces, opaque tights.. the list is endless! We couldn't even decide on what to match them with, so we decided to leave it up to YOU! The V-neck is also pretty low *grins* so those of you who are pretty busty, not to worry! It won't do anything more then to enhance that cleavage ;P
*you can click on pictures to enlarge.

Size: Free Size, S to small XL

Material: Soft cotton. The crumpled part under the bust is actually of stretchy material.

Length: For petites, knee length
For those above 5 feet 7, dress should be around the thighs.

Status: Black - available!
Red - available!
White - available!


Stripes and Swirls!

Description: Like we said, CNY does not have to be in red! This halter collection is oriental inspired, and comes in 3 different designs! The striking colour is bound to get you attention! (and attract more ang paos! hahah)
*you can click on pictures to enlarge.

Size: XS, S and M.

Material: Satin. Stretchy band under the bust.

Length: For petites, can be worn as short dress
For those above 5 feet 4 will need to wear jeans or bottom! :)

Status: Oriental Blue - available!
Bold Honey - available!
Fiery Swirls- available!


Sunday, January 18, 2009


CNY is coming! Everyone is crazily shopping around for all things in RED, but before we post updates on that *grins* here's a little something else for you to feast on. After all, we STILL need something NEW for 2009, and it doesn't have to be in red right? :)

Happy Shopping!

Get Spotted !

Spotty 001

Description: Who said spots fade after time! You don't see many of these too often, because spots comes in so many different designs, colours and styles! What you're seeing is a tube dress, with sequins as the top for that extra glitter you need! Be it a night out hitting the clubs, or a fancy dinner with the girls (or the boy), you're bound to stand out! Ohh, don't forget to check out the bottom of the dress, where the ends fold inwards, giving the dress a little bounce (No worries, not too much bouncy-ness, we wouldn't want you looking round!)
*you can click on pictures to enlarge.

Size: Fits S to L
Material: The sequinned part is actually stretchy, so don't worry about it looking tight because even if it is a littttle tight, it is not visible as it is covered by the sequins! yiippeee!

Length: For petites, knee length
For those above 5 feet 6, dress should be around the thighs.

Status: Design 1 - available!
Design 2- available!
Design 3- available!


Spotty 002


Description: The cutest tube-like dress we've ever come across! (And snagged a piece each for ourselves!). Transparent straps are provided, so you can choose to use it, but i doubt you'd need to because the the sequined part is actually tight. It also comes with padding which can be easily removed at the sides. Pair with with leggings, shorts or a skinny jeans and you're good to go!
*you can click on pictures to enlarge.

Size: Fits S to L, with bust size from A until D.

Material: Silk-like. The material is actually very soft and flowy, and sooooo comfortable to wear!

Length: For petites, knee length
For those above 5 feet 6, dress should be around the thighs.

Status: 1 sold, only 1 pc left!


Maiden Braids
RM40 RM30!

Description: With the vicious V-neck to show off your cleavage, or simply to wear with a bikini, it is absolutely adorable! the braid-like straps are definitely a plus because it not heavy on the shoulder, instead its really comfy. Oh, don't say we didn't tell you, this dress gives you a curvy silhouette when you walk as the stripes gives the illusion of a fuller waist (or should the word be voluptuous?)
you tell me!
*you can click on pictures to enlarge.

Size: Fits S to L.
Material: Soft cotton. and yes, the softest ever!

Length: For petites, knee length
For those above 5 feet 6, dress should be around the thighs.

Status: Green - 1 pc left
Blue - 2 pcs


Maxi Love!

Description: This was actually a personal request sent in by one of our most loyal buyers, and by chance we managed to find it! And boy were we so in love with it, we grabbed 2 different colours each for ourselves! The material is soft and flowy, and the stretchy material under the bust is a definite plus for you because it fits most sizes, from XS to a L! And we can be sure of this, because we (size S and M) said so and the lovely buyer (size L) said so too! We brought in 6 pcs of each colour so you wouldn't miss out as well, so grab one for yourself quick before its all gone!
*you can click on pictures to enlarge.

Size: Fits XS to L.
Material: Silk-like. Straps are adjustable.

Length: as seen in picture. (model is 5 Feet 4)

Status: Maroon - SOLD OUT!
Yellow - 1 available
Black- 1 available


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Welcome my lovely shoppers!

This is the first post with Get Revamped and we'll be updating very soon with more goodies for the New Year!

Please read the information at the side before ordering. Thank you!

pssst: Better stay updated if you're looking for dresses to wear during CNY ;) Just drop your mail in the chatbox for current updates! (our Feedburner will be up around next week)

Happy Shopping!


First Goodie of Jan 2009: Handmade Chunky Charmbracelets!

Description: Definitely not your usual light weighted handmade charm bracelet, this is realll chunky! For those of you who like chunky bracelets, this is for you! Comes in 3 different designs for you to choose.

Charms: As shown! =)
status: Available

You can open them up too!4 of them can be opened (Including the one with a strawberry picture)

See the rounded area at the sides? Those are magnets! Which means your charms won't open and close clumsily when you wear them,thus easier to maintain! :)

Magic Charms!
Charms: 1 Heels, 2 Boots, Magic Hat, Mask, Disco Ball, Speedy bag
status: 1 sold, 1 reserveed

Summer Time!
Charms: Disco Ball, 3 heels, 2 Bikini Panties (1 with ribbon), Yellow tote bag and pearl!
status: 1 sold, 1 available

Send enquiries/orders to: !